The Spiritual Serenity Series: Step 2, Acceptance

Welcome back to the The Spiritual Serenity Series: 7 Steps to Inner Peace and Happiness. Last week we looked at the first step, Awareness. This week we’re looking at:

Step 2: Acceptance

As a result of step one, Awareness, we’re now aware that we need to change some aspect of our life in order to find happiness. Yet simply being aware will not accomplish anything. Especially if we’re unwilling to change that aspect of our lives. This is where acceptance comes in. We must be able to accept what it is we need to change. If we can’t get to a place of acceptance, that is recognizing and owning what is standing in our way, we’re stuck. Denial is a word that comes to mind here.

It’s important to note that just because I accept something does not mean I have to like it. Early on this was difficult for me to understand, but as I grow spiritually, acceptance because easier—even if means facing something uncomfortable—because I know I will grow from it.

The most difficult part of acceptance is…  **drum roll please** knowing that once I accept something, I am responsible. And if I’m responsible, I’m the only one that can do something about it. If I want to change that is.

“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.”
-Kathleen Casey Theisen

That’s right, me, no one else. The blame game is over. I can no longer play the victim and blame someone else for my misfortune.

OK, so I surrender. I accept the fact that I need to change, what now?

Next up, Step 3: Identification.

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  1. says

    My mid-life challenge was accepting my sons-in-law. I had to get over the lie I was telling myself, “No body is good enough for my duaghters.” I can look back now and laugh. Of course when I offered acceptance and unconditional love my world changed. (of course my lesson was giving up control)

  2. Jared says

    Control truly is an illusion. I remember the day I realized I had no control over my life. I remember the road and pulling into a gas station and realizing I had no idea how to live my life, and that I could turn that control over to something more powerful than myself. Moreover, I realized I didn’t need to know how to live it, I could just do the “next right thing” and my life would turn out OK. It was truly liberating. Thanks for reminding me of that day Tess.

  3. says

    great post jared, most people associate freedom with not having any responsibilities, when actually the more responsible you become for every facet of your being, the more free you will become. That’s why you have to remove blame and complaining, these are just unproductive habits that will never change your life. Remove these habits and your judgment grows with experience. Learn not to judge your situations but learn to judge your actions. Are your actions in line with your desires and higher purpose?

    • Jared says

      Thanks for commenting and adding some valuable perspective here. You’re right, by taking responsibility we actually get more control… and peace of mind which is priceless. You nailed it with “your actions in line with your desires and higher purpose.” I called that intentions matching my actions, check out What Everybody Ought to Know About Action vs. Intention to get an idea of how screwed up my thinking used to be.

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