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There's no doubt that meaningful relationships bring happiness into our lives. Although at times, they can also bring sorrow and frustration. Leaning how to be happy with oneself is crucial in building health relationships with others which ultimately bring happiness into our lives.

HTBH 026: Should You Marry Him or Her?

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In this episode, Jared and Emily talk about the following: Should you marry him or her? Dating versus marriage behavior How the person your dating treats others Do they have jobs and friends Do they have secrets Please subscribe below to get automatic updates of our podcast! Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes Click Here to ... Keep Reading »

HTBH 022: Relationship Advice; Arguments and Sarcasm, is it Healthy?

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Emily I rarely argue… actually, I’d say we don’t. Sure we may get snippy with each other from time to time, but we’re quick to recognize it and squash it as quickly as possible. That certainly is a contrast to many of our past relationships. We sat down to discuss arguing, sarcasm, and a few questions we thought of along the way. Below are some ... Keep Reading »

Do You Want it More Than You Are Afraid of It?

Hanging out on Facebook the other day I saw a quote posted by Henri over at Wakeup Cloud. The quote was from Bill Cosby and it said, “Decide that you want it, more than you are afraid of it.” Henri’s comment on his FB post was, “When you make this shift, everything changes.” I couldn’t agree more. Real change starts when we decide that no matter ... Keep Reading »

Learning to Love Yourself, Are You a Liar? (plus one awesome tip on loving yourself today)

Are you trying to alter the lens of others in order to be liked? When someone asks you to do something you don’t feel like doing, do you fabricate some story or excuse? In other words, do you lie? Chances are you do, or have in the past. Or, like me, maybe you’ve been doing it so long you don’t even realize you’re doing it. It doesn’t mean ... Keep Reading »

How to Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are, 5 Tips on Humility

A few years ago I was sitting in a support group discussing humility when a burly man shared, “I just wake up each morning and try to be the man my dog thinks I am.” That made sense. Maybe you’ve heard the saying: act as if? If only it was that easy. Act happy and you’ll be happy, act strong and you’ll be strong. Of course it’s not that easy… or ... Keep Reading »

HTBH 004: Coping with Death

In this episode of the How to Be Happy Podcast, Emily and I discuss death. But before you make a decision on how morbid this sounds, have a listen. Some topics you’ll hear in this episode: Dealing with Death What to say to others then they’ve experienced a loss. We share about our personal experiences with death of loved ones. The reality of ... Keep Reading »

The Finality of Death, the Miracle of Asking, and Missing My Dad

It's easy to take for granted the closeness and physical presence of loved ones in our lives. Their smell, the emotions they bring out in us, or the energy they bring when entering a room. It's an amazing thing; the physical presence of another human which you've shared a large part of your life with. The realization that a parent, child, or friend ... Keep Reading »