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Health and fitness can certainly add to our happiness. After all, we take care of things we're grateful for. That doesn't mean we have to become triathletes; but just think about how we're treating ourselves.

How to Start Running When You’re Out of Shape

If you’re out of shape, or looking for how to start running from scratch, read on. I was really out of shape for years and hated running. But with a little time and small steps, anything is possible. Here’s how I started slow and within a few months was running in my first 5K. Having run Cross Country in High School, I knew I hated running; ... Keep Reading »

The Spiritual Power of Running (and why running and reading are keys to Life)

Just to make certain we’re all on the same page, I’m talking about physical running here; with your feet and legs. Not running emotionally… for anyone who was looking for validation to run away from your problems. Sorry, won’t find that here. One of the side-effects of living a life filled with spiritual love is the desire to live a healthier life ... Keep Reading »

Mindfulness and the Benefits of Meditation

Love yourself and love for others becomes automatic. "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." -Dalai Lama While researching the term mindfulness as it relates to kindness, I came across an amazing little book titled Mindfulness in Plain English (Amazon *see bottom of post to find out how you can read it online for free) by Ven. ... Keep Reading »

The Greatest Gift

During the summer of 1989,  just out of High School, I spent three weeks in the USSR. The above picture is a note my mother hid in my luggage that I found while on the trip March 12, 2006 was the darkest among many dark days for me.  Later it would be defined as the catalyst that led to my shift or sometimes referred to as a moment of clarity. It ... Keep Reading »