Travel Articles

Travel brings me happiness. Although it's not essential in answering the question "how to be happy," travel can give us a different perspective on the world we live in. Often providing gratitude and connectedness. It's also a great way to learn about yourself and (if applicable) your travel partner.

5 Can't Miss Tips on Travel and Life

As someone who loves traveling, I’ve discovered a few secrets on how to be happy in travel and why it’s an important aspect of happiness—at least for me and my wife. And in true How to Be Happy fashion, I relate travel tips to finding happiness in life. Travel can teach you a lot about yourself and your potential partner or significant other. ... Keep Reading »

Just Breathe!

On our recent trip to Cozumel I had an interesting experience. On our second day of diving I had an issue with my regulator. The regulator, which consists of multiple parts, is what enables you to breathe underwater. Pretty important. First a little background. Up until a few years ago I had never gotten sea sick, but it seems that once I started ... Keep Reading »

Leaving for Curacao

This is my last week of school and my wife and I leave on Saturday (06/13/09) for a week vacation in Curacao. I really wanted to get this awesome article I'm working on up before I left. However, it's really turning into something I'm excited about and so I am considering making it a series. The working title is: "The Happiness Series: 6 Steps to ... Keep Reading »