Staying in the moment

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Today, I am a spiritual warrior, fending off anything that threatens my spiritual fitness. My enemies are anxiety, depression, regret, resentment, and fear. Although some of these can be helpful at times—like the fear of cutting off my finger while using a skill saw—mostly they threaten my spiritual zen. When I’m anywhere but in the moment, I’m of no use to myself or others. I have discovered some actions that help me stay in the moment.

Stop and Count Your Blessings

Early in my journey, I knew nothing about “living in the now.” Quite contrary, most of my efforts were spent avoiding it. I was not equipped with the tools of learning to live for today. I dreaded the future and the wreckage of my past. I learned during that time to stop, look around, and reaffirm to myself that right then, in that moment, everything was OK. I still practice this today. I mean really take it all in, looking at where I am physically and who is around me, that I am safe, alive, and have basic things like food and shelter. This process helps me get back in gratitude where I am closer to the now then the depression of the past or anxiety of the future.

Writing a gratitude list is one way I use to count my blessings. Stopping to write down on a piece of paper things that I am grateful for is a great way of getting back into the moment.

Spiritual Development

Spirituality is different for everyone. However, at some point there’s a belief system that comes into play and influences how we live our lives. Mine is pretty simple, I believe that I’m not the center of the universe and that spiritual development is about humility and love. Part of that for me includes believing in a power outside of myself; which is constantly evolving so I avoid trying to define it.

Staying spiritually connected is difficult at times, one thing I do is look for signs of guidance. For instance, paper-clips are God’s way of saying to me, “hey, I’m thinking of you and you’re right where you’re suppose to be.” It may sound silly, but it works. You’d be surprised at how many paper clips you can find in all sorts of places. Whenever I see a paper clip laying on the ground, I pick it up, thank God for reminding me of his presence and my insignificance in the master plan, and place it in my pocket. They always seem to show up at the right time. When I get home I place them in a jar. Right there, sitting on a shelf in front of our kitchen window, is a reminder that I am loved and watched over.

Being of Service

Picking up the phone and calling a friend and asking them if there’s anything they need is a good way of getting into the moment. I spend a lot of time with others who are on similar journeys, whether just listening or sharing my story. Everyone has something to give, have you struggled with something and found a solution? Try sharing it with someone else.


I meditate in many different ways, but one type I can do anywhere is breathing. When feeling anxious or spiritually unfit, I like to stop and really concentrate on my breathing. Breathing in God and out self works wonders for me. Also visualizing things which I want in my life. Similar to the secret law of attraction which then must be followed by action towards those goals.


I love to read. I’ve found Emmet Fox’s The Sermon on the Mount is a great book for learning how to live life. Some of my other favorites are The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and The Greatest Miracle in the World.

Staying in the moment is easier said then done, but with practice, it does get easier. What techniques do you use to stay in the moment?

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    • Kenneth P. Corvo says

      I just want to know, where does Jesus Christ fit intoi your life ? Do you have any joy in your life? Or is it all happiness? I don’t want to confuse anyone the differents of Happiness and Joy!

      P. S.
      Let me know.

      • says

        Jesus for me is a model of enlightenment and living as joy. And yes, I have tremendous joy, in the underlying knowing that everything is fundamentally OK, regardless of circumstances, and the foundation of that is God.

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