How to Find Inner Happiness

happiness from the insideThe term “inner happiness” is extremely important. A common consensus of happiness and inner-peace seekers is that true lasting happiness comes from inside us; thus, “inner happiness.”

The reason this is such a vital part of long-lasting happiness, is that it is not contingent on outside forces or influences.

We all know how difficult it can be to find happiness, especially when we have no idea where to look.

Maybe you have always been successful at setting and achieving goals; striving for higher aspirations and constantly moving towards some ultimate goal.

Even in my younger years, I found myself often setting higher goals for myself and eventually reaching them; and honestly, I really didn’t find it that difficult. The difficult part was finding a goal that left me completely satisfied and internally happy.

The happiness I found was short lived and always left me still wanting more. Not until I stopped measuring my happiness by what I achieved, did I start to find inner peace, and ultimately inner happiness.

Inner Happiness is a result of Inner Peace

Inner happiness is a by-product of inner peace, yet achieving inner peace can be a long and laborious journey. We do not just wake up one morning filled with inner peace; at least it did not work that way for me. After years of chasing happiness, I finally decided to try something different.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done… you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

Out of desperation I was determined to find a better way to live, and through the process I realized something amazing; I did not truly love myself.

Initially this realization was difficult for me to accept since I always felt I had a fairly high self-esteem. For most of my life I was outgoing and known as a happy-go-lucky guy by friends and family. But through a process of self-discovery, I realized deep down inside I wasn’t so happy after all. I was confusing with what I showed people on the outside with what I was feeling on the inside.

Accepting that I had little self-love was difficult at first, but I started with some facts which were hard to ignore. The main point being; had I truly loved myself, I would not have treated myself the way I did for so many years. It’s not like I was self-mutilating or outwardly mistreating myself, but more of an internal committee that constantly talked down to me. Looking back now, it’s obvious how little I cared about my own self and soul by what I was constantly saying to myself internally.

Inner Happiness Starts With Being Your Own Best Friend

Think about how you treat friends or family whom you’re trying to help or cheer up. Now think about how you talk to yourself. Are they in contradiction?

Do you encourage others to keep their chin up or suggest they’re looking at the glass half empty while at the same time putting yourself down?

Achieving inner peace starts with listening to how you talk to and treat yourself. You need to learn how to treat yourself as you would your best friend. Sounds easy enough right?

Well, it can be hard I know, but it CAN be done. It just takes time to learn and can be practiced using some simple exercises; some of which I discuss in my report How To Be Happy Now which you receive for free by subscribing to my newsletter.

Finding inner happiness starts with inner peace; inner peace starts with self love. For most of us, self-love is a journey and takes time, but it starts with treating yourself like you would a good friend.

The first step is learning how to listen to what your inner-voice is saying about your best friend, you! If you can’t hear anything, maybe you’re not familiar with that friend inside. Listening starts with a relationship; start building a healthy relationship with yourself today! Do something nice for yourself, something you would do for a good friend. Oh, and tell yourself thanks!

Instead of asking how to find happiness, start with inner peace—an inner peace that starts with building a healthy relationship with yourself!

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  1. jesse says

    This sounds fantastic. But in my shoes its impossible. I hate being lonely and I am constantly. I have a kid that I can’t see and I’m destroyed everyday that goes by that I don’t see him. The girl I had my son with is the love of my life. But she left me and said I have to find inner happiness. How can I find this inner happiness.

    • jared says

      I honestly feel for you. It must be tough not being able to spend time with those you love. Early in my journey I was talking with my friend or “coach” and was talking about being lonely. He reminded me that although I may feel lonely, I’m never alone. That I need to take action to get out and interact with others and build meaningful relationships. I know for years I confused inner happiness with making others happy. I felt it was my job to make everyone else happy but had no idea who I was or really how I felt about myself. I thought I was happy with myself, but looking back now, after some years of working on myself, I realize that’s not the case. I was more concerned with how I was perceived by others than how I viewed myself. Finding inner happiness for me was a process, beginning with awareness that something needed to change, which is sounds like you’re discovering if you’ve ended up here and are seeking to learn. That’s awesome! We all have to start somewhere and just be patient.

      In a few months I’ll be releasing a book titled “Happiness for the Practical Mind: 7 Steps to Discovering and Loving Your Authentic Self” which is full of exactly what I did (and witnessed others using) to achieve this inner happiness. Part of those steps is awareness, surrender, acceptance, & self-searching. It takes some work but it was definitely worth it to me. Feel free to email me and share anything you’re going through and I’ll be sure to offer you any of my experience and see what we can discover together.

  2. Jessica says

    I completely agree, I also want to say props to you for writing such good words and living apon them. :) not all people keep this in the back of there head all day, and I think that’s where I have a problem is having so much other stuff around me going on, that I just forget arout me, but I’m only in control of that. I admire your stuff!

    • says

      Thanks Jessica. It is important to remember to be our own best friend! My wife is good at reminding me of this, if she over hears me talking down to myself under my breath, e.g. “that was stupid you idiot” she’ll say, “hey, don’t talk to my friend that way!”

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