How to Be Happy and Live Fearless by Overcoming Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

This is no fluff, straight to the point, action based information that can change your life.

To be happy and start living fearless, you only need to know this: You’re not here to win, you’re here to learn.

The more you accept this, the less fear, stress, and anxiety you’ll have in your life and the happier you will be.

All fear is imagined; thus the side effects of stress and anxiety are self-inflicted.

The secret to living a fearless life is truth. Truth about yourself and the purpose you have in this world.

How to Live Fearless

If you put in the dedication of knowing yourself completely and un-dividing your mind, you’ll discover it’s the same with stress and anxiety; it’s all imagined or created in your mind. Yet, even though many accept this logic (of our mind being our biggest problem), then why is everyone still running around full of fear, stress, anxiety, and ultimately unhappiness?

One reason is we’re chasing an illusion; the illusion of success and winning defined by society, parents, friends, etc. I too lived the illusion for many years.

Since my early twenties I had this image in my mind of what success looked like. It consisted of a loft apartment overlooking the city and driving a Porsche. My idea of success had nothing to do with personal character or the individual I would become; it was based on status and materialism. I would set all these goals for myself, reach them, and then trudge on to the next one. I was never satisfied and still full of fear, anxiety, and stress.

Are you stuck? Maybe you’re like I used to be. Trudging through life, not really sure what is wrong while disliking and fearing two things; the way things are and change.

I was lucky. I become desperate enough to seek a better way. Not the easier way—at first—but I’ve certainly discovered how to be happy. So can you.

Are you ready to start loving yourself?

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  1. says

    Always great to read your words. I’m still in a stuck place though a brighter one. Slowly the light comes in. I have learned all this over many years and still fall back into that place.

    • jared says

      Good to hear from you. Glad you’re seeing some brighter moments these days. Like you, it has taken years to to learn a lot of this stuff. And I also fall back into moments at times; although briefly. I use a lot of tools, mediation, running, and various other exercises and techniques to get the funk outta here! Even though I have tools to get out of those dark places, sometimes I still seem to choose to sit in them for a while. It’s like I then remember, “oh, ya, I don’t have to feel this way.” But even then sometimes those things don’t help as quickly as I’d like. I always remind myself that “this too shall pass.” If the feeling seems to be lingering for a while (like a recent anxiety problem I’ve had with SCUBA diving) I just feel it completely and let it take me to where it wants too. I can then take action, like more diving and classes to help me overcome the anxiety. Self-knowledge and awareness helps a lot! And as I write this, we’re packing for a diving vacation in Belize tomorrow!!

  2. says

    Interesting, and I have to agree. Fear has been a big one for me recently, because I am going through a huge bout of expanding my comfort zone and as such the fear of not winning is strong. Stopping and putting a different slant on it ie, it is all part of my learning process and as such nothing that is happening is a wrong choice it is an experience to be cherished and learnt from.

    • jared says

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s appreciated.

      Well said; there isn’t a wrong choice, if we choose to learn from it. I’m inspired by what you’re doing and how you’re documenting your journey. Good luck! I’m looking forward to following as you move through everything.

  3. says

    Hi Jared,
    I followed your guest post from Pick the Brain. I no longer use outside of me physical goals as a measure of success or failure. For me its all about what kind of person I become.

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