Do You Want it More Than You Are Afraid of It?

Hanging out on Facebook the other day I saw a quote posted by Henri over at Wakeup Cloud. The quote was from Bill Cosby and it said, “Decide that you want it, more than you are afraid of it.”

Henri’s comment on his FB post was, “When you make this shift, everything changes.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Real change starts when we decide that no matter how great the fear, the possible payoff is worth it. Moreover, with this perspective and attitude, we have the open-mindedness and perseverance to turn obstacles into challenges.

The Convergence of Emotional and Financial Support

During my workday I often take a break and walk around some wooded areas close to my office building. It’s when I do some of my best thinking.

With “follow your passion” being all the rage these days, it’s a topic I think about often. In short, it’s the concept of doing what you love and getting paid for it. And guys like Jonathan Mead at Paid to Exist and Henri at Wakeup Cloud are doing extraordinary things in helping people achieve just that.

Ultimately the goal is to have what supports us financially also support us emotionally and/or spiritually. Unfortunately that’s not the case for most people. But why can’t our workplace provide more emotional and spiritual fulfillment instead of adding stress and frustration?

Thankfully many companies are starting to realize this and incorporate emotional intelligence programs into their workplace. Let’s hope the trend continues.

If you’re interested in emotional intelligence, I suggest two books initially:

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    well said. So many things in life to do for me as I restart things, don’t feel fear, just truly don’t know what I want to do. Think of what will be fulling is such an open field for me during this process. I’ll be going back to school next year through a program and i truly don’t know what I want to be next. At 60 years old do I want to just advance where I’ve been or take a new direction. Great to be able to see and hear you. Thank you for sharing with the world

  2. says

    Good stuff, Jared!

    There almost has to be that moment of “enough is enough,” before someone can start transforming the obstacles on their path.

    Changing excuses to challenges, and just moving forward no matter what.

    • says

      Thanks Henri. And thanks for the inspiration for this post. And you’re point is correct, in the recovery movement this is referred to in several ways, “sick and tire of being sick and tired” or known as a “moment of clarity.” Keep up the great work you’re doing and thanks a TON for stopping by.

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