HTBH 018: Dealing with Aging Parents


crazy old ladyDealing with aging parents is a part of life we should feel lucky to experience.

However, in some cases, depending on the relationship we have with our parents or the circumstances involved, there can also be a lot of stress, guilt, and resentments related to such an experience.

In response to a reader sharing a touching story about taking care of her mother and then mother-in-law, Emily and I discuss the topic of dealing with aging parents and steps we can take to lessen the burden for our children as we age.

Topics in this episode:

  • Nursing Home vs. Retirement Community vs. Assisted Living
  • Are we obligated to take care of our parents?
  • It’s OK to feel some guilt or resentment
  • Legacy File / Legacy Drawer (next week we’ll share more about this and what it entails)

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  1. says

    I could never have taken care of my parents as they aged. My mother who is in a nursing facility is still alive at 89 this year but would have been beyound my abilities. More so considering the emotional reasons she stopped talking to me was never resolved. She doesn’t recognize any one they say these days so I really made as much peace with that as I could years ago. In our world now we aren’t raised to take care of parents as they are in other cultures and I think that makes a big difference also. I hope my children never have to take care of me.

    • says

      Hey Jacki, thanks for sharing that. That is something we really didn’t think about, the cultural differences but that’s a great point. It’s great that you’re emotionally mature enough to work through that and be at peace with your relationship, or lack of. It really reminds us of how much we are responsible for in relationships. I heard someone comment one time that their relationship with their mother changed from month to month, and she’d been dead for years!

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